The Apple Watch App Update is now available!

We are very delighted to announce to all owners of the smart Apple Watch – connected to Pandora anti-theft alarm systems – that an update of Pandora Connect app for iOS Apple Watch has just launched!

This update is especially designed to offer you the ultimate control of your motorcycle – directly from your smart watch. The unique feature of this application is its autonomous functionality. In fact, you are able to monitor and control your motorcycle even if you do not use your smartphone – As long as your watch is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or through a running built-in e-sim.

Additionally, a brand new, more convenient and updated system’s authorization of mobile applications has been implemented – Before all else, when you download the app, you need to enter a four-digit PIN code, which you will discover in the main “profile” section. By the time the installation is completed, you are ready to open the Pandora Connect app on your watch and log in with your personal code (PIN).


Go immediately to the “profile” tab on your smartphone and click “Create a pin code”. Then, select the input from the keyboard on your smartphone. Type the pin code into the smartphone and click “Connect” from the watch. Finally, pick up your car.

The primary information regarding your vehicle will of course be displayed by your watch. The status of safety, the current state (perimeter control), the battery level, temperature, the history as well as the real-time location of the motorcycle.

Eventually, this update offers you the opportunity to control the whole security system from your smart watch, even when you are literally “on the move”. No smartphones required! Indeed! And this is a definite competitive advantage nowadays, don’t you think?

Finally, yet importantly, our developers do not underestimate your requests and they continuously try to evolve and upgrade the service and functionality of the application!








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