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New Pandora Connect App! Connect and enable Stealth mode

Pandora Connect Moto

With a new update, Pandora Connect Application invites the owners of Pandora Smart Moto and Pandora Moto EU to download version 1.4.8 for Android on their mobile phone and to from their palm of their hand to have a visual representation of their motorcycle, its state, alarm’s events history. They will be able to configure […]

New Smart Moto v2! Top anti-theft protection!

Pandora Smart Moto v2 is a state-of-the-art motorcycle anti-theft alarm system, specifically designed to protect motorcycles. The waterproof central unit has a new built-in GPS receiver and a new GSM / GPRS modem. Pandora Online & Pandora Pro applications allow you to fully control and configure the system from your Smartphone. It includes a backup […]

Why certifications are important in antitheft alarms?

In the automotive industry, certifications are the only reliable way to ensure high quality, safety, compatibility and smooth operation in any additional electronic system we would like to install. A moto alarm, a remote engine start system or a GPS tracker once connected to the vehicle’s electronic components and engine control unit (ECU) is vital to be […]

New Pandora PS-332BT Wireless Siren Released

Self-powered Pandora PS-332BT Pandora’s new wireless piezoelectric siren is a smart autonomous siren with battery backup that is compatible with every Bluetooth-enabled Pandora alarm system, enhancing the safety and control of your vehicle. Its installation is simple and fast. It is designed on the basis of the most stringent standards for standalone sirens with very […]

Pandora FINDER: The next generation of undetectable Stealth Tracker

Pandora Finder is a modern, highly effective, undetectable, “invisible” stealth tracker that tracks and records the position and movement of a person or object you want to protect. Simply place it in a car, motorbike, bike, tractor, agricultural machinery, suitcase, container, boat, jet ski, snowmobile or whatever you want to track.   Pandora Stealth GPS tracker is not detectable […]

New features of the Pandora BT mobile app for the Android platform

Pandora BT is the replacement for Pandora AlarmStudio. The updated Pandora BT mobile app is already available for download on Google Play. In the new version of the Pandora BT application, due to the numerous requests from car security professionals, it has been added the ability to set timed channels using free programming logic. In […]

Pandora BT for iOS is ready

We are pleased to announce that our application for installation and configuration of Pandora Bluetooth systems is now available for owners of Apple smartphones and tablets. Despite the complexity of writing apps for the “closed” iOS, our developers have done a good job to provide the same functionality for the Pandora BT as the Android […]