Wireless Anti-Theft Protection

Wireless Anti-Theft Protection

Without cables. Without limits. Anti-theft protection. The use of this method greatly increases the anti-theft protection of the next-generation Pandora protection system because it gives the freedom to place the individual peripheral units anywhere in the vehicle we want and the more hidden it is. Pandora therefore decentralizes the central unit’s anti-theft functions sub-units where […]

The date of the conference “Pandora Day in Moscow 2019” is approaching !!

On April 16, INVETEC will be in Moscow for the annual Pandora conference. At this conference, beyond the briefing on all the latest technological advances in the field of vehicle safety and the facilities provided by the Pandora anti-theft systems, the first Pandora smartwatch will be presented as well as the presentation of the unique […]

Pandora “Active Protection” System – APS

“Active Protection”:  Pandora   have an exclusive free function of telemetric security and system service, which will allow you to be more confident in the safety of your car. When the “Active Protection” function is activated, our Internet servers carry out constant monitoring of your car in real time. Thus, even if the attackers try to use special equipment for jamming […]