“Motorcycles is much more easy subjected to a highjacking than a car, so it needs a strong defence.”

Product Description

MINI MOTO: The brand-new version of Pandora΄s moto alarm systems, will be at your disposal before-long. The ultimate, smartest mini anti-theft alarm, specially designed for your motorcycles, will be available for 199€!


Pandora MINI MOTO is the smallest, well-equipped anti-theft alarm system, as simple as that. It includes the highly resilient PS-330 siren, which is spill-resistant and diminutive, with an overall high performance of 120db and low consumption of 180 ma.

Central Unit: Pandora MINI MOTO‘s central unit’s size is slight, offering maximum protection while managing to complex its actual location. It features dual vibration zones as well as lifting, moving sensors. Within its technology sophisticated algorithms are used and immediate responses at all times, are ensured. All the aforementioned, including the the minor possible interference with vehicle manufacturer’s technology systems.

ID-Tag: The BT-780 tag within keyless-hands-free range, allows you to arm and disarm the anti-theft device as you approach or step away from your machine, without pressing any button.

Immobilizer and Anti-Hijack protection: Immobilizer locks the engine when you are out of range, so even if a thief manages to steal your vehicle’s keys, he will not be able to drive it. On the other hand, if the owner is forcibly removed from its vehicle and the vehicle is driven by someone else, then MINI MOTO alarm automatically locks the engine of the machine, by the time its owner is finally at a safe distance (anti-hijack function).

Bluetooth 5.0: The latest generation of Bluetooth 5.0 interface, increases significantly the anti-theft protection of the alarm system, as it offers you the opportunity to place any additional peripheral units freely, anywhere you wish on your vehicle and, of course, as as concealed as possible. Additionally, MINI MOTO features 128 Bit encryption, ensuring secure communication transmission.

Programming valet button: Using the valet button, you are able to configure your alarm, change your factory pin, and all in all, set up your alarm.

Magnetic contacts: Pandora MINI MOTO owns two magnetic “traps”, which you are able to use for your bike’s saddle, front storage compartment, tail box or side bags.

Pandora Connect App: Pandora Connect app offers you real-time information about your vehicle’s status, through your smartphone. Any attempt to interfere or violate your vehicle is instantly reported within 100 meters’ distance, for free.

Nonetheless, the advantages of Pandora Connect App stand beyond that! You can easily adjust sensor sensitivity without wasting your  time in garage visits.

Protected Areas

With Pandora Mini MOTO you can protect the following independent zones, by receiving the relevant updates on your smartphone or through the official Pandora website:

  • Voltage of the on-board circuits (status, security zone – alarm level)
  • Dual Vibration Zone
  • Shock Sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Μotion Sensor
  • Ignition on trunk
  • Magnetic contacts
  • Volumetric DM5100 BT (additional)
  • Wireless siren PS-332 BT (additional)
  • Bandora Band – Wearable ΙD tag (additional)

* It can only be installed by an authorized dealer

Taking all the above into consideration, Pandora Mini MOTO is the slightest, most reliable anti-theft device option you will find in the market.

All necessary credentials and upgrades are guaranteed. Made in Russia, following thoroughly quality checks and controls, at every single stage of the whole process.

The certifications assure the absolute compatibility with all kinds of your vehicle’s electronics while the Lifetime Guarantee defines the product as the upper, most qualitative within the market.

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Product Specifications