New features of the Pandora BT mobile app for the Android platform

Pandora BT is the replacement for Pandora AlarmStudio.

The updated Pandora BT mobile app is already available for download on Google Play.

In the new version of the Pandora BT application, due to the numerous requests from car security professionals, it has been added the ability to set timed channels using free programming logic.

In addition, taking into account all the wishes and comments on the application, additional functions were added to the programming menu. An important role for adding these capabilities as well as general improvement of the application was played by recording all the requests we received at the Pandora Day event in Moscow in 2019. We had dozens of requests and each of them was taken into account in the new version of the program.

The Pandora BT mobile app makes your smartphone the incomparably the most convenient and convenient way to customize Pandora security systems – you can just set up one of our security systems through the built-in Bluetooth interface of your smartphone once and not you will need to go back to the traditional setup tools (computer, Valet buttons) – so it’s convenient, reliable and fast!

The features of Pandora BT override all existing tools – because with Pandora BT, you can not only configure ALL security system parameters, but also perform the cloning procedure of the keyless engine startup, update the basic firmware the base unit and the Bluetooth modem, save and load the configuration file, diagnose and control all Bluetooth accessories, and even the input and output of the programming is done with a command the phone!

We recall that regardless of cost, all modern Pandora security systems supporting Bluetooth interface are supported by the Pandora BT application.

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