New Pandora PS-332BT Wireless Siren Released

Self-powered Pandora PS-332BT

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Pandora’s new wireless piezoelectric siren is a smart autonomous siren with battery backup that is compatible with every Bluetooth-enabled Pandora alarm system, enhancing the safety and control of your vehicle. Its installation is simple and fast. It is designed on the basis of the most stringent standards for standalone sirens with very low power consumption of the factory battery and extra lithium battery.

It is impossible to bypass even the most sophisticated robber.

The PS-332 BT siren adds to your existing Pandora system an extra five-way firewall that is impossible to break:

  1. It is separate and autonomous from the central alarm unit to which it is invisibly connected via Bluetooth.
  2. Its compact size, waterproof housing and temperature resistance allow you to hide it in the most difficult parts of your motorcycle.
  3. Produces high-frequency sound above 120dB without additional “speakers” or bulky “sirens”. Despite its small size it is a deafening siren that produces the same volume of sound as a live rock concert
  4. If the robber detects it and tries to cut off the power cord, it has a lithium battery backup and will immediately activate its high-volume sound.
  5. If during the panic (activation either by breach, or because the power cord was detected and cut off) the robber wants to get rid of it, the Pandora PS-332BT is well mounted to the most inaccessible point and its deafening sound will make it even harder to try to remove it. At the same time its piercing sound will have caught everyone’s attention.

Its installation is easy and simple. You can place it in anywhere on the motorcycle. It is resistant to water, extreme conditions and high strength.


Alarm siren without wiring. The siren PS-332BT can be mounted anywhere on the the motorcycle as it connects to the central alarm system via a Bluetooth connection (no wires). The PS-332BT siren has its own cables for connection and power from the motorcycle battery.

Low Consumption less than 1mA: It has low power consumption and is manufactured based on autonomous siren production standards.

Lithium Backup Battery: It has a backup lithium battery, which automatically activates when the connection with the battery is interrupted (e.g. power cord cut).

Smart Charging: The lithium battery will only charge when the motorcycle’s engine is running.

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Compatible with all Bluetooth Pandora alarm systems: BT Pandora sirens are an extension of Pandora alarm systems and are connected to them via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth mode: Pandora first removes the cables. The new sirens communicate with the Pandora central alarm via Bluetooth protocol.

High Frequency Sound> 120dB: Loud sound> 120dB produced by the tiny unit without additional devices or special speakers. (120 dB is the same sound as a live rock concert)

Waterproof: It is waterproof, small in size and easily mounted on the engine compartment or other exposed area.

Durable: Its full production at the Pandora factory in Russia on the basis of the most stringent standards guarantees the durability of the device.

High Quality Certifications: Guaranteed by Pandora, the leading manufacturer of telemetry and car alarm systems. Pandora systems are the only Russian systems with high standards of certification. Completely manufactured at the Pandora factory in Russia with IATF ISO 16949-2016 Electronic Brain Certification and meet the E-MARK (Electronic Brain Compliance Certificate) specifications.


Guaranteed by Pandora, the leading manufacturer of telemetry and car alarm systems.

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