New Smart Moto v2! Top anti-theft protection!

Pandora Smart Moto v2 is a state-of-the-art motorcycle anti-theft alarm system, specifically designed to protect motorcycles. The waterproof central unit has a new built-in GPS receiver and a new GSM / GPRS modem. Pandora Online & Pandora Pro applications allow you to fully control and configure the system from your Smartphone. It includes a backup battery and has low battery consumption, even in full operation.

nique GeoLock function – Automatic lock of motorcycle’s geographic location, when turning on the alarm!

New Unique GeoLock – Motorcycle’s geo-location lock

Each time you arm the alarm, the system’s central unit memorizes the exact GPS location and constantly checks for a change in coordinates. If the location changes, the alarm will activate the siren or horn, send a notification to the owner and activate real-time track monitoring (GPS tracking).

upgraded, more sensitive GSM module providing better connectivity retention even in remote – difficult to connect positions * New faster GPS/GLONASS modem
* Geo-location GPS/GLONASS/LBS

New built-in upgraded GSM module

New upgraded built-in GSM modem, offering faster connection recovery in case of poor signal and greater sensitivity, provides extended coverage and connectivity even in the most remote – difficult places! GSM module provides push notifications, remote operation, allows full control of your motorcycle, from anywhere, using free Pandora Apps for your Smartphone and/or Web application

New faster GPS/GLONASS

New Smart Moto v2 alarm comes with an upgraded GPS/GLONASS modem providing greater motorcycle’s geographic location accuracy and faster Lost Signal Recovery. Furthermore one could gather detailed information regarding its motorcycle activity, including travel time, kilometres, motorcycle’s average and maximum speed at any given time.

Waterproof, Smaller size, difficult to detect, easy to install

Wireless Connectivity & Bluetooth Protection 4.2

Control and adjust your system with the help of the built-in Bluetooth 4.2, which also allows reliable and stable wireless communication with peripherals, such as with iD-TAGs, Smartphone, Smartwatch, wireless blocking relay, wireless sensors, etc.

Secure wireless communication

Bluetooth wireless communication between the base unit, the driver’s iD-TAG and the remote control is encrypted (AES – 128bit), for even greater security.

Built-in 3D Accelerometer

The built-in digital 3D Accelerometer, implementing new and advanced algorithms, controls percussion, tilt and motion, providing smart and reliable protection.

Secure, full remote access and control from your Smartphone, Smartwatch and the Web Application

Free Mobile and Web Applications

Pandora provides a unified integrated and flexible alarm management system for controlling and tracking your vehicles.

In addition, provides free applications to connect and control your alarm system from your Smartphone and Smartwatch. The same goes for the online web-service

By using these applications, you can configure the sensitivity and responsiveness of the sensors and iD-TAGs for Hands-Free operation of alarm’s arming/disarming, as well as using your Smartphone or Pandora Watch2 as an iD-TAG.

Built-in Backup Battery

The built-in backup battery extends excessively alarm’s operating time and permits instant alert of the owner in the event of an unauthorized power disruption!

Optional additional components extending anti-theft protection


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