Pandora Finder - The next generation of undetectable Stealth Tracker

“Motorcycles is much more easy subjected to a highjacking than a car, so it needs a strong defence.”

Product Description

Pandora Finder is a modern, highly effective, undetectable, “invisible” stealth tracker that tracks and records the position and movement of a person or object you want to protect.

Simply place it in a car, motorbike, bike, tractor, agricultural machinery, suitcase, container, boat, jet ski, snowmobile or whatever you want to track.

Pandora Stealth GPS tracker is not detectable because most of the time it is in “Steath mode” that makes it invisible. Pandora Finder sends its signal within 5 minutes and becomes invisible again. The owner sets the periods it “wakes” to send signals and the owner enables the Motion Alarm Mode. In this mode, Pandora Finder “wakes” when its sensor detects motion or other violation like in a case of stealing

It has a low power record and gives you up to 2 years of autonomy without having to change batteries.
You can download the free mobile application (IOS/ANDROID) or visit pandora’s online website. You get notifications, map records and control everything from your smartphone in order to protect a person or object.


Main Features:

• Undetectable, only activated the times you specify.
• Motion Alarm Mode: Each time it detects motion (alarm status) it sends a GPS position and you can choose to record the motion on a map as well as control the recording time.
• Autonomous operation with 3 AAA Lithium Batteries lasting up to 2 years without change (for tracking once a day)
• Positions and movement are presented on map and Not with coordinates SMS message.
• Includes high-tech sensor to instantly detect and alarm you for any vibration, movement, elevation and acceleration violations.
• Built-in microphone for hear and thermometer for control the nearfield fitted area.
• Without subscription: Pandora Finder tracking and monitoring is done via a free online platform or a free smartphone application (IOS / ANDROID)

• Instant notifications on your mobile and tracking history on maps, either through the free mobile app or through the online website.
• Easy and fast control: From the Website and the app on your mobile you set the times of tracking, enable motion detection, keep track of battery life and adjust all Pandora Finder features
• It has magnets for easy mounting on metal parts
• It is small in size about 5x5x2 cm and does not require installation
• It has a waterproof housing that protects against moisture and allows it to be placed in places exposed to adverse weather conditions.
• Works with a SIM card*
• Easy and simple to use and install
• Country of manufacture: Russia

*SIM not included, provider selection and mobile / prepaid costs incurred by the owner.

Small size:

Its tiny size (54x45x18mm, 60gr.) and its waterproof housing will allow it to be fitted to vehicles exposed to the most adverse weather conditions.
You can place it in a bag, in a valuable parcel, in a vehicle, in a boat, in a luggage, in a child’s bag, or wherever you want, provided that the area of subject’s movement has a sufficient GSM telephony network. 


Battery life record:

The Pandora Finder has such low power consumption that you can use it for up to 2 years without having to replace the batteries. Use with AAA sized lithium batteries.




Easy to operate:

The status of Pandora’s Stealth Tracker, Finder can be controlled by:
Online services website where you log in with a unique password that comes with the device
• Smartphone application Pandora Pro (iOS) and Pandora Online (Android)
• Bluetooth application for Pandora Nav BT mobile



Stealth Mode:

The device will be in invisible mode, most of the time, in order to save battery and be undetectable. Pandora Finder is activated from any violation (alarm status) and with a predetermined periodicity to send the location and status to the owner.
You have complete control over Pandora Finder activation by setting the recording times and their frequency. You can also enable, disable or modify the Motion Alarm Mode.
For high-precision, the newer sensor has an even more sensitive GPS / Glonass module. For transmitting information, communicating with the tracker and identifying LBS coordinates, the most up-to-date GSM modem with antenna path optimization ensures the highest quality and performance.

Built-in motion sensor:

In addition to the Stealth Mode where the tracker wakes up with a timer, there is also a built-in motion sensor. Finder will send the location and status when it will sense movement, vibration, acceleration or lifting either by SMS or through the app on your mobile phone.
In simply words, the GPS tracker now “wakes up” from any movement that the accelerometer captures (impact sensor). For example, if a car or motorcycle is loaded on a crane or stolen, the device will immediately notify the owner that it has detected motion.
You can adjust how long the system will record its position and movement when the sensor detects any movement (MOTION ALERT).
You can also disable this feature or pause it for a period that you set. For example, for the 2, 3 or 8 hours you already know that the item will be in motion and you do not want to receive unnecessary alerts (e.g. when driving your car)

Tracking Route Mode:

The device will be active during this mode. The Pandora Finder will record its entire route and send it to the server to be stored in the device history represented on a map. While in tracking mode you can call the device and have access to its microphone to control the environment of the object.

Advanced Control & Settings:

The Pandora Finder can be easily controlled with the Pandora Nav BT application via Bluetooth connection. All settings can also be customized from the online website as well as the Pandora Online (Android) and Pandora Pro (iOS) mobile apps.

Its advanced design and technology allow you to:

• Locate Pandora Finder using GPS / GLONASS or LBS
• Check the environment and condition of the objects using the built-in microphone and thermometer.
• Easily configure the Finder via Bluetooth wireless connection
• Set recording times, receive alerts, and track history through an online free platform or a free app on your smartphone (IOS, ANDROID)
• Manage the stealth tracker using SMS commands
•Receive a Motion Alarm if motion, vibration or acceleration is detected by its sensitive accelerometer and record this motion on a map for as long as you set
• Set the recording times (eg 8.00-8.20 every morning)


View and download the detailed MANUAL.



Product Specifications