Pandora “Active Protection” System – APS

“Active Protection”:  Pandora   have an exclusive free function of telemetric security and system service, which will allow you to be more confident in the safety of your car. When the “Active Protection” function is activated, our Internet servers carry out constant monitoring of your car in real time. Thus, even if the attackers try to use special equipment for jamming the GSM or GPS signal, you will receive prompt notification on the mobile phone from our Internet service.


Active security is an effective means of countering the “jamming” of the GSM signal.


When putting the motorcycle under active protection, the Internet service constantly monitors the presence of GSM-communication with the system and, if it disappears, immediately notifies the owner. Communication channels of the Internet service by the usual “jammer” do not muffle!


Active protection is an effective means of timely informing the owner about changing the coordinates of the car.


Probably, you know there are also thieves that they use fake evacuators to lift or tow your motorcycle in order to steal it. But did you know that these thieves are using GSM signal jamming devices to prevent the owner from reacting in time and preventing evacuation?

However, this “theft trick” does not apply to the owners of security systems Pandora because they are endowed with the Active Protection service advantage. This service implies automatic monitoring by special Internet servers of the health of the GSM channel, as well as the GPS coordinates of the car. If any jamming or loss of GSM/GPS signals, Pandora servers immediately recognize it and inform the owner about it via Push-notification message.

Using the “Active Protection” service for security systems Pandora Pro/Smart/Elite does not require a subscription fee; You can turn it on either from the Pandora LCD key fob, or from your mobile phone.



  • The Active Protection mode can only be used on Pandora systems with firmware version no lower than version v5.0. Download and upgrade your system with the newest firmware.
  • Activation of the Active Protection from the key fob is performed by pressing the “Enable Protection” button again after switching it on.
  • The Active Protection mode is deactivated after the vehicle is disarmed or automatically after 24 hours.

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