Pandora’s Stealth/Parking Mode is here!

Stealth Parking Mode for Motos

DRIVE SMART MOTO is Pandora’s motto and the alarms of the Russian company have endless characteristics that fascinate!

One of them is the Stealth/Parking Mode that we find in the Pandora “Smart Moto” alarm. The function is designed to be used when the motorcycle is in the garage or a guarded area and combines safety with energy-saving, to protect the battery of the vehicle.

In action.  

The Pandora alarm communicates with a digital GSM mobile signal to alert the owner directly. The Stealth/Parking Mode when activated cuts off the communication with the mobile phone, thus it makes the unit completely undetectable from any device.

So when Stealth Mode is on, the alarm does not emit a signal and enters in Energy mode, with an extremely low consumption of 1 milli-Ampere (1mA). This situation is ideal if the motorcycle is parked for a period of several days since it does not burden the battery or hold any surprises during the subsequent use of the motorcycle.

But the alarm is always on and if the digital sensors detect any contact, movement, or elevation, the alarm will sound. The Stealth function will be disarmed automatically and the owner will be notified with persistent calls and SMS messages.

extreme low battery consumption on stealth mode


There are two ways to program the Stealth mechanism:

  1. a) The first way is when setting the alarm, adjusting the days depending on the use you will make. The function is set once and will always notify you with an SMS before its activation. You can cancel it with your smartphone anytime.
  2. b) The second way is the activation through the smartphone app. The manual adjustment of the function is ideal for occasional use.


stealth mode mobile app screenshot stealth mode mobile control screenshot



As mentioned in the beginning the Stealth/Parking Mode is designed for a motorcycle in a garage or a protected area. The mechanism uses alternative anti-theft technologies and puts the alarm in economic consumption ideal for the battery.

Stealth Mode is also a great example of Pandora’s systems that are unbeatable in the global market. The Russian company is not satisfied with the excellent digital circuits and intelligent algorithms their models already have. But the product’s power hides in a unique construction mentality that is unpredictable and cannot be copied.

In this way, they satisfy even the highest expectations for the safety of your beloved motorcycle …

Ask your local dealer to find out more about Pandora’s anti-theft devices:



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