The company Pandora is based in Russia and has the object of producing electronics.

In 2004 he founded the first experimental engineering plant in Kaluga, Western Russia.

Initially, it started production of automotive safety systems and today its state-of-the-art production facilities are capable of producing any electronic device.

Pandora’s research and development division is made up of the best engineers, developers and designers that Russian education has to offer.

The production department highlights the true existence of a brilliant company.

This has resulted in Pandora being able to design and build any electronic circuit of any complexity.

INVETEC is the exclusive representative of Pandora vehicle safety systems for Greece, Cyprus, Albania, FYROM and Italy.

INVETEC introduces and promotes Pandora vehicle safety systems exclusively through its network of certified partners.

All certified installers of the PANTORA security system of INVETEC are highly trained to ensure the smooth operation of Pandora alarms and the vehicle where it is installed.