“Motorcycles is much more easy subjected to a highjacking than a car, so it needs a strong defence.”



Pandora Smart Moto Plus is a perfectly designed security-telemetric system for motorcycles and quads.  It incorporates the latest technologies: Canbus for full integration with the electrical-electronic systems of the most advanced motorcycles, a high-speed 4G GSM modem, precise GPS/GLONASS receiver, interface Bluetooth 5.0, Li-Po back-up battery, gathered in a compact waterproof case as well as a wireless PS-332 BT siren.

This alarm system maintains a rich set of modern wireless accessories for the rider’s convenience and reliable protection.

Immobilizer – Anti-hijack Protection 

Using the BT-780 as well as the Pandora Band as an ID-Tag, the engine of your motorbike locks up, when you are out of range. As a result, even if a thief manages to steal your motorcycle’s keys, it is not possible to drive it. On the other hand, if the driver is forcibly removed from his moto and someone else starts driving the vehicle, the alarm system Pandora Smart Moto Plus automatically locks the engine of the machine, by the time its owner is finally at a safe distance (anti-hijack protection). Furthermore, using the BT-780 tag within range, as keyless-hands free, offers the ability to arm and disarm your system, whenever you approach or move away from your moto, without requiring to press any button

Pandora Band 

Pandora Smart Moto Plus alarm set includes the most convenient and stylish Pandora Band. Its most important characteristic is functioning as an ID-Tag driver authorization device. This bracelet ensures the driver is always carrying the ID-Tag with him, providing absolute anti-hijack protection. The driver doesn’t have to remember to take it with him. He is just wearing it! Meantime, you are able to activate hands-free function, ie automatically arm the system while walking away from your vehicle and disarm it when approaching it, eliminating the need to use a remote control or press a button. With Pandora Band, you can always monitor the alarm status as well as get a real-time notification regarding any attempt of violation.

Anti-Jammer mode 

The Pandora Smart Moto Plus anti-theft has an exclusive function that adds an extra shield to your motorcycle’s ultimate safety. When “Active Protection” is enabled, Pandora’s anti-theft alarm system is in constant communication with the internet servers of the company, allowing you to control your car through GSM / GPS signals in real time. Thus, even of the aspiring thieves try to use special jammer devices to block the GSM / GPS signal by eliminating any communication with the vehicle, Pandora’s SERVER immediately recognizes it and informs the owner through Push notifications and E-mail.

Stealth Mode 2 

When the engine is running and your motorcycle is on the move, the alarm status broadcasts on a 4G / BT5 network, providing fast transmission of data to the server, such as the real time tracking and position of the motorcycle. When the engine is not running, the motorcycle is parked and the alarm is armed, the status changes to Full Alert / 2G / BT5 with continuous control over the battery voltage. If the motorcycle remains inactive for a long time, the alarm remains armed to protect the battery whereas the status changes to Full Alert/BT5.If the motorbike is in Parking Mode, the alarm remains armed but the Stealth Mode 2 is directly activated, with the 3D tilt/ motion/ lift/ shock sensor remaining active. Thus, in case of a breach, the alarm turns into Full Alert / 2G/BT5, informing the owner immediately through his mobile. Stealth Mode 2 replaces Stealth Mode 1. This function provides the ultimate control of the battery level and adjusts depending on its condition.

Pandora Connect & 

Pandora Connect application for Android and iOS devices allows full system management and real-time tracking of your motorcycle to your smartphones and tablets, directly. Fully-equipped with a 3D modern display, it provides complete tracking data (regarding overall kilometers, travel time, average and maximum speed) as well as real-time updates concerning the status, user history and GPS positioning of your motorcycle. In addition, you are free to use the official website and control, check or set parameters to the alarm system, through your PC.

Wireless sensor DMS-100BT

The latest, secure Bluetooth 5.0 interface allows you to use the DMS-100BT wireless sensor to protect your garage, suitcases or any other security zone you wish. Combining the additional BTR-101 Wireless Relay, you can maximize the anti-theft protection of your motorbike, even if the thieves manage to find and unplug the basic alarm unit.

3D sensors

Built-in adjustable impact – tilt – motion sensors detect all tampering attempts. The owner can vary their sensitivity through the application easily, as often as he wishes, by adjusting their level according to the parking position of the bike.

Encrypted communication

Smart Moto Plus alarm system’s communication uses a modern dynamic dialogue AES encryption with 128-bit keys, which guarantees impossibility of electronic hack and theft.

High Energy Efficiency 

One of the main advantages of Pandora Smart Moto Plus is the ultimate electronic components combined to the special energy saving algorithms of Stealth 2, which allow very low battery power consumption in 4 different situations. All protection zones remain active, ready to respond instantly, even in a state of “maximum economy”, maintaining very low levels of energy consumption, as far as the alarm system is concerned.

Built- in Backup Battery 

Emergency power keeps system working and deliver alarm notifications while unauthorized disconnection of the main power supply. The Pandora Smart Moto Plus alarm unit has an emergency built-in lithium backup battery, allowing the alarm signal to be transmitted for several hours after the main battery is disconnected. Thanks to the spare battery, the owner can be informed immediately when the main battery is switched off and not after it is reconnected. Also, in case of attempted theft, when the external power is turned off, the system will be able to send a hidden alarm signal – even if the base unit is quickly detected, in case of attempting to neutralize the signal.

System set includes

  • Base unit with main cable and master PIN-card
  • Immobiliser tag BT-780
  • External VALET button
  • Wrist bracelet Pandora Band
  • Piezo siren PS-332BT
  • External temperature sensor
  • Door sensor DMS-100BT
  • Magnetic reed sensor
  • Blocking relay
  • Packaging

Protected Areas

With Pandora Smart Moto Plus you can protect the following independent zones by receiving the relevant updates on your mobile phone or on the Pandora website:

  • Lifting / tilting
  • Movement
  • Vibration (warnings)
  • Vibration (alarm)
  • Engine blocking
  • Fall machine in an accident
  • Ignition ON
  • Rider seat
  • Critical battery voltage drop
  • Baggage
  • Side luggage
  • 2-band volumetric (additional)

* It can only be installed by an authorized dealer

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