Wireless Anti-Theft Protection

Wireless Anti-Theft Protection

Without cables. Without limits. Anti-theft protection.

The use of this method greatly increases the anti-theft protection of the next-generation Pandora protection system because it gives the freedom to place the individual peripheral units anywhere in the vehicle we want and the more hidden it is.

Pandora therefore decentralizes the central unit’s anti-theft functions sub-units where either they send the information from the built-in sensors they have (such as engine temperature, humidity, etc.) to the central unit for further processing, they activate the lock for which they have been programmed when the communication with the central unit is lost or some movement is detected by the built-in acceleration sensor.

Designing these peripherals with minimal dimensions and robust construction, Pandora has achieved maximum energy efficiency and their full integration and alignment with the wiring of the vehicle so as to make them invisible and practically impossible to identify by the assailant thief, even if he has enough time to ride with your vehicle.

Complete anti-theft protection, even if the thieves find and wring out the alarm unit, the engine will go out as soon as the vehicle moves.

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